The team from Skywave handled many of the primary tasks for the radio project that we were taking on with Motorola. They set up our paging, our prime and master sites and all of our consoles.

Their work was impeccable and our team greatly benefited from the expertise that Ellison and Carl were able to impart upon us. They thoroughly reviewed work that was completed by other subcontractors as well and rectified some issues that would have affected the overall health of our new system.

When it came to ``crunch time`` just prior to cut-over, the Skywave team stood at the ready to assist us with whatever tasks we needed help with. We learned more from this team than words can describe and our system is leaps and bounds better than it may have been otherwise.

Our paging system is off the charts fantastic. Our users love the clarity and range and it has been one of the shining stars of the entire radio system. Also, our new consoles are exceptionally programmed and Carl worked closely with our Technology Director to insure that he and his team were well versed on how to handle things after cut-over.

I could immediately tell how committed and dedicated to their work the entire team was - they spent countless hours here, honestly for the number of hours that Ellison and his team were on site, it was a bargain for our project. Everything that the Skywave team touched was done right and as the Project Manager and Department Director, I had no stress or worries over what the team was responsible for implementing. They were the best part of our radio project.

Ms. Kenny, ENP described Skywave Communications, Inc customer service skills as:

Exceptional, truly exceptional. Ellison was available to me 24x7 during implementation and after. He explained things to me and the members of my team that just made it easier to understand. He has a wonderful team and I would hire the Skywave team again without hesitation.

Audrey Kenny, ENP | Director, County of Bucks Emergency Communications

In 2013 it became apparent that a strategic partner for the maintenance and long-term planning of Madison County’s New P25 UHF Simulcast Trunked Public Safety Radio System was needed to fully utilize the system’s capabilities and to position the county for Next Generation 9-1-1. Skywave Communications Inc. has provided both to our county. Knowledge and Professionalism are prevalent throughout their organization. Skywave provides what is all too often sorely lacking in today’s Public Safety Communications arena; namely customer service. As the Director of 911 / Emergency Communications I know where our system(s) stand as far as preventative maintenance and during service calls.

Perhaps the most significant benefit in having Skywave Communications, Inc as our service provider is their knowledge of cutting edge technology (ESInet, i3 architecture and Data Exchange Protocols) and their attention to detail. I have found this prevalent throughout their organization.

Paul Hartnett | Director E-911, Madison County

Expert advice and skills that have been utilized in implementing our new P25 system as well as assisting us in a day to day operations as well. Available at a moments notice for questions and help.

Mr Schultz described some of the most significant improvements that have resulted from his work with Skywave as: Updating of the fire paging system, implementing the Countywide P25 trunked Motorola radio system. Assisting with coverage issues.

Everyone is an expert in what they work on and assist us to the best capacity that they can.

Customer service is paramount of all Skywave employees, always work to deliver what the customer wants and always has the customers best interest at hand.

Jonathan Schultz, CEM® | Fire Coordinator & Director of Emergency Services, Niagara County